3 Day Iboga Power Retreat & Ceremony

Rejuvenation, reflection, healing and re-balancing can occur quickly. It doesn’t always require an extended transformational journey.

Reconnect With Your Soul at a 3 Day Power Iboga Retreat.

2 Night, 3 Day Itinerary

Check in is at 4 p.m. Depending on the location of the retreat and your arrival time, we have an arrangement with a major hotel chain for reduced rates. For certain retreats, we offer return transportation between the hotel and the retreat location.

Following check-in on the Friday, there’ll be an orientation, in preparation for the start of the your Iboga retreat and ceremony between 8 p.m. And 9 p.m. The ceremony continues through its various phases right through till late Saturday.

On Sunday morning, we enjoy a group breakfast and reflection on a new future, complete with new moments and experiences to come. Check out is at 11 a.m. Your particular iboga retreat may include round-trip transportation to the hotel close to the airport.

The iboga retreats are held in various locations. Please refer to the calendar and the location for the upcoming Iboga retreats.

Memory, the Body and Your Soul: Memory and soul sets us apart from all other species. But with memory comes a huge burden. Our monkey brain is the “jury” that constantly judges us. The monkey brain and the body are like wild beasts who want to rule you. This dastardly duo creates desires, habits and impulses that overtake that quiet whisper of the soul’s guidance.

We naturally crave new experiences. But fear, as a result of loss, depression, trauma, confusion - even comfort, prevent us from accepting, allowing and even seeking these new experiences.

As humans, most of us are also burdened with guilt - mountains of guilt for some. Guilt for not doing things, guilt for doing things, guilt for thinking about certain things, guilt for having certain feelings that somehow are deemed wrong by our over active analytical monkey brains that constantly judge us.

Our memories, across years of experiences, compound the need for the physical body to take control over the mind and the soul. Our body thinks it’s in charge. The older we get, the more fear, guilt and obligation become greater and greater parts of our control mechanisms.

An Iboga Power Retreat weekend can re-balance the relationship between your past and your future, your body and your mind, your soul and your spirit. It offers an opportunity to grasp the freedom you deeply desire - to be happier and more powerful, to take better control of, and to enjoy your future.

The 5% Rule of Life

Ask yourself... what percentage of YOUR life is actually yours? Maybe 5%?

You may likely use that 5% to gain instant gratification. By booking a holiday, by going shopping, eating, or even succumbing to alcohol or drugs. Basically, anything that you do to “make yourself feel good” is an escape. Because you’re likely too afraid to be 95% happy - and selfish. So you give 95% of yourself, your mind, your thoughts and your life to others.

Which means you only retain 5% of your life for yourself.

We all become overwhelmed by fear - and don’t even know it. We don’t recognize that the power of fear of loss is probably the most powerful driver in our lives. It’s the control mechanism imposed by others, and it’s deeply rooted in your brain. In your memories. In your ability to process memories, events and experiences.

Yet, our souls are constantly trying to remind us that experience is the hallmark of new life. But we don’t listen. Because if we do... people might not like us. It’s a prison that you can break out of. A prison you must break out of if you truly seek a future dedicated to you - and not to others, and not to the memories, fears and traumas created in the past.

By events and situations that lead to the buildup of memories and traumas which now seem impossible to neutralize.

We believe that we can’t shed the past. That we can’t escape the experiences. That we can’t escape the fear of loss. Ultimately, we can’t escape the fear of death.

But it’s only in your head. And you are in charge.

You don’t need to forget the past. You don’t need to pretend that things didn’t happen, or believe that he only way you can get past your past and your pain is by masking it. The solution is powerful and simple. It’s simply rooted in understanding who has the power over your body and your life? Your physical body? Your monkey brain? Or your soul?

During a 3 day Power Iboga retreat, you’ll learn to shift the power center of your life away from your physical body and your monkey brain to your soul. It’s akin to handing over the reigns of your thoughts and your life to the only power that truly has your best future interest at heart. And that’s your soul.

Mainstream Medicine

The mainstream medical profession is extremely adept at mechanical repair work. When something is broken, like an arm or leg in an accident, they can work miracles to reset the bones or perform surgery to patch you up.

But when it comes to rehabilitation and “maintenance” they fall miserably short of even modest expectations. Why?

Because modern medical science can only describe and work with all the individual elements that our bodies are made up of. But it’s completely incapable of answering the most basic questions about how and why we think, we exist, why our hearts beat, how our minds work, how memory works.

When it attempts to deal with pervasive diseases, emotional and psychological traumas, the best it can do is reach deep into its chemical kit-bag and attempt to mask the symptoms with pharmaceuticals. In the hope that eventually the problem will go away. It rarely does.

What seems to compound the problem of using synthetic chemical solutions for dealing with trauma and with “life-balance” issues such as depression, is that there are always side effects. And side effects lead to other problems... and more drugs with more side effects.

The mind controls the body. It controls not just the thoughts we have, but every bit of activity in our entire physical system we call our “anatomy.”

Iboga Retreats As a Re-balancing Experience

The aim of a 3 day Iboga Power Retreat is to shift the power center of your life to where it belongs. To your mind guided by your soul. This means taking the power away from your body and your monkey brain driving the bus of your life through fear and by replaying old stories, memories and fears in your head in never ending loops.

The Iboga root is a natural, non-addictive catalyst. It does not build dependence. It does not ask for more. It is a base plant medicine, as old as our planet. It’s not a magical plant, but it has, for some, like for me, when combined with a thousand year old ceremony process, the power to give me my future with clarity, purpose and happiness.

My life’s journey has now become helping others - like you. That has become my purpose. To act as a guide through a 3 day Power Iboga Ceremony to help you not just shed the past, or to heal, or reconcile the past, but to move forward into your future.

Future Versus the Past

Many people join me for an Iboga retreat because of the past. Be it to deal with a trauma, or to help them get through difficult phases in their lives - to get answers, to shed fears, to gain confidence, to make changes, to be happier. To be able to achieve more to do more, and to be more.

That was me. But what I discovered in my journey is that although the primary motivation to get answers, to get help and to relieve the pain was about shedding the past. I didn’t think about the future.

But the truth is, is that it’s all about the future. It’s about your tomorrow, and not about your yesterday. Freeing you up from your past is really all about givig yourself a powerful, balanced future.

It’s about giving yourself 95% of yourself, and 5% to others. Likely... today, right now, you’re only giving yourself 5%.


Days of Darkness

This is the number of days I endured darkness, pain and the despair of powerlessness.

Days of Enlightenment

This is the number of days I have lived with joy, clarity, confidence and purpose.

Life Energy & Purpose Reset

Reconnect With Your Soul

An Iboga Power Retreat can offer a dynamic adjustment and rejuvenation reset. By re-connecting with your soul, it offers the solution you need in order to escape the past, shed your fears, sadness, guilt or trauma - and to set the stage to build a powerful relationship with your soul - your guide. It will provide the setting and the experience to encourage the creation of new and joyous experiences... Experiences free of fear and guilt.

Our clients even include health professionals trained in all aspects of mental health. From the conventional alopathic stream to counseling and mental rehabilitation. These professionals understand the need to explore the connection between the soul, our minds, our bodies and our connection to nature, as a complex holistic organism. These professionals seek to help the thousands of people coming to them for help. They understand the limitations of using only “mechanical” solutions - pharmaceutical drugs and standard counseling. They understand that the best, and indeed the only long-lasting healing solutions originate within one’s own body and mind.

Why Iboga?

Iboga is a plant root. It’s a natural plant medicine and better still, it is not addictive. But it’s not magic either. It has a unique characteristic in that it triggers a lasting mental connection between the body and the mind and the spirit. It empowers us to connect with our soul who guides us in our actions. As 21 century humans, we tend to ignore the soul because our “monkey” brains - our rational, thinking and analyzing brain - marginalizes it. Our lives are so busy that we forget how to listen. We have become human “doings” instead of human “beings”.

We’ve learned to suppress that still, quiet voice within, that’s always guiding us - if you have the ears to hear and the wisdom to follow. The soul is quiet, and when we’re in a state of trauma, we seem to hear only the noise in our heads, and feel the pain in our bodies.

The effects are at the same time powerful - and subtle. It’s akin to gaining heightened awareness of who we are, what we’re meant to do with our lives, and that we need not act from fear and self-protection. True transformation is not “headline” material. True transformation results in deep personal power that is re-ignited within. It’s not “splashy”, it doesn’t come with a lot of bling.

Power Back To Your Inner Voice

Our Iboga Power Retreats allow for this type of reset. Our busy lives are enhanced by this weekend journey. Because Iboga is a guide. It’s a catalyst. It will not alter your body and create cravings. It simply gives a voice to your soul. The voice it deserves. The mind and the soul are the most powerful tools we have been equipped with, and also blessed with, as humans.

We Are a Complex Web of Accumulated Negative Experiences

The breakdown process starts at a very early age. As time goes on, we find that our thoughts and actions are guided - and our bodies are propelled - by the desire to avoid things - feelings, events and people, instead of the desire to gain new experiences without feeling guilt. We gradually become guided by a fear of loss and the avoidance of risk, as a result of our past experiences.

Most of us, who’ve been traumatized, don’t retain too many happy moments or reflections of past happiness. We don’t gossip about the good times and the fun we had, we don’t read or hear about “good” news. We don’t talk about how smart or how good people are, about how we love our work. 90% of discussions and information we exchange with others, and are exposed to in the media, are negative, sensationalist or just plain useless.

We have fear and trauma within, that can literally immobilize us, preventing the advancement of our lives, preventing us from moving forward to gain new experiences.

Are You Leading a Robotic Life?

Based on my interactions with hundreds of people, who have engaged in an Iboga ceremony, 95% of them lead robotic lives, constrained by guilt, fear or the opinions of others. All too often, we’ve taken the opinions, values, means and ways of dealing with situations, that we’ve learned from others and we’ve simply adopted them, we’ve made them our own, with little regard as to where they came from!

In doing so, we rob ourselves of a great and glorious future, filled with new experiences and new people.

I’m not a “guru,” and I don’t have all the answers you need. But YOU do. During a weekend, power Iboga Retreat, you can be guided on a journey that could last a lifetime. It could literally, like it did for me, create a new life of balanced happiness driven by the pursuit of wonderful experiences. I am no longer afraid of who I am, and where I’m going.

We stay in jobs and in relationships we resent, we maintain friendships and family relationships we don’t really covet, we buy things to make us feel happier and safer... we wear seat belts, buy insurance, look for healthy foods, and the list goes on an on.

95% of what we do is to maintain the status quo to avoid loss and risk, and the negative judgement of others.

Very few of us live for ourselves. Most people live for others. To conform, to be responsible, to not be judged negatively, to meet standards set by others - from employers, to spouses, friends, family... to the government, societies and clubs.

The Fear of Change

Some of you may still be afraid of yourself. I was afraid of myself. I was afraid of my thoughts. I was afraid of others. Of what they thought. And I was wrapped up in trauma, and consumed by painful memories that were playing in a loop in my head.

Trauma doesn’t have to be deep. Your situation may not even be an extreme - but the grip that your memories and fears have on you are no less powerful. And your future is still being robbed - by you, of yourself.

To find out more about what a 3 day Iboga Power Retreat could do for you, book a call with me now. It may or may not be what you need right now.

We’ll have a short free consultation where I’ll ask you what you hope to achieve through an Iboga ceremony, and I’ll tell you what you can expect. If we’re not a good fit, I’ll be able to recommend other solutions.

So go ahead, watch the case study and book a call with me now. I would love to hear from you.

Because peace, love, joy and clarity of purpose is within you.

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