Your 3 or 6 Day Private 1 on 1 Iboga Retreat

For the discriminating and private individual.

Private One-On-One Iboga Healing and Personal Power-Rebalencing Retreats

Your Private 3 or 6 Day Retreat

To get the full retreat details, and to see if a private and confidential Iboga retreat would offer the powerful solution you’re looking for, then book a private and confidential call with me, your host and guide, Luis, “Makonza” DaSilva.

Is a Private and Confidential Iboga Retreat Ceremony for You?

The burdens of success and personal power and achievement can take its toll on anyone. Heightened levels of stress, expectations and performance are not easy to manage. But the need for help is by no means a sign of weakness. In fact, it takes a lot of internal strength to reach out and seek the help you need to restore the balance and the levels of performance and capabilities that you built your success upon in the first place.

You are likely an over-achiever. Often a Type A personality. An icon of success among your peers and in your circles. You are expected to be successful. It’s a reputation you created for yourself. You may even be a prominent public figure.

However, circumstances change. They always do. Nothing ever stays the same. Business, family and political dynamics are fluid and no one can stay on top of it all, every day, year after year. It’s an impossible expectation that you probably imposed on yourself years ago.

Your Success Did Not Come Easy

Success is often spawned in shark infested waters. Competition can be at your back in every turn and as your success grew, so did the expectations of everyone around you. Expectations of you about what you can do for them.

Feeling the stress of continuing to deliver the results you’ve become known for, one day, for the first time, you just couldn’t do it. It may have been a small thing at the time. It may even have been something insignificant that you couldn’t control. It was a signal, and in retrospect, you knew something had changed in you. Something big. Initially, you glossed over it, lubricated the feelings of disappointment with alcohol, drugs or another addiction, maybe gambling, shopping or sex.

Maybe you just lost the meaning behind it all. Behind the drive to be more, have more, do more. You lost the ability to simply “be.” You became someone else and today you ARE someone else. Your life may be a facade of the success you built. You suddenly realized that you just couldn’t buy, negotiate or enjoy life as you did before. You may not even remember the exact moment or event, but simply recall it as the period when things began to fall apart.

Friends, business contacts, family, the people you knew and dealt with every day, ever so slightly, began to turn away. An unreturned phone call. A missed invitation. A deal that didn’t go your way because the support just wasn’t there.

Loneliness started to creep in. Even when you were surrounded by people.

Then anger.

Then resentment.

And it spiraled. Repeating itself over and over.

You’d worked hard. Achieved a lot, provided well, gave without a thought, didn’t expect anything from those whom you cared about. You were the caretaker. You were the power behind giving to those you loved.

But they wanted more. They wanted YOU, and maybe they were just a bit ungrateful. The resentment builds. You got angry. You may have felt betrayed.

Yet, your work demanded your relentless attention. You may have even succumbed to using alcohol, or even drugs not only to pacify you, but to help you cope. To help you understand why you are lonely and perhaps why you’re not loved. Just used.

You made choices. Everyone makes choices. But choices are never “good” or “bad.” Choices are simply decisions with consequences - with results and outcomes.

Perhaps your pain today, now, is not about regret, anger or resentment, but about knowing what to do tomorrow. Masking the pain of today with distractions like alcohol, or even drugs is simply a way of delaying the appearance and the pain of the appearance of tomorrow.

You may have already tried to get answers, find help, seeking solutions having tried every “top dollar” option.

Personal and Confidential

100% Focused on You

A personal and confidential, one on one Iboga Retreat Ceremony is ideal for the discerning retreat participant, who values their privacy away from prying eyes. If your life pressures are intertwined with operating a successful business, or perhaps you have a high profile in politics, media, sports or entertainment, then a private, confidential Iboga retreat ceremony held at a destination of your choice, may be the ideal solution.

If you have been dealing with depression, anxiety or other decision impairing challenges, or have succumbed to a reliance on alcohol or even other drugs, then this may be your opportunity to restore the balance, happiness and power in your life.

The purpose of a private Iboga retreat is to introduce you to your soul in a private setting, when you can be yourself, and can fully commit to the experience in order to assist you in restoring your inner balance.

Depending on the length of your retreat, you will experience either one or two Iboga ceremonies. Luis Makonza DaSilva, will guide you along your journey where you’ll meet your soul, and gain the clarity you long for.

Focus of the Retreat

The focus of a private retreat is to guide your inner self to give you the answers you need to regain the balance, the power and the conviction in your actions as you meet new challenges. Challenges which now seem harder and harder to meet.

We will select a location to best meet your healing and Iboga ceremony needs. Popular destinations include Canada, Portugal and other countries in Europe. However, if you’re battling alcohol and substance abuse at a level where your ability to function is impaired, then you’ll have to get that somewhat under control before attending. An Iboga ceremony is not designed to replace serious drug and substance abuse rehabilitation.

It’s a 3 or 6 day program plus travel time.

Are You a Victim Now or Still a Warrior?

If you’re reading this now, and you don’t have clarity of purpose, inner peace, and a love for the challenges that tomorrow will bring, then you weren't ready to make the journey and regain total control over your life and your future.

And you know that you won’t get new chances forever. Maybe you’re ready now.

Financial, academic, media, sports or political success is intoxicating. It’s powerful. It’s a high that needs to be fueled by a never ending stream of successes.

But Along The Way Something Broke.

Your perspective, and your ability to see the world as it changes, may itself have refused to change.

A shift in your perspective will result in a shift in every aspect of your life. Your ability to maintain, regain - and even grow - your power simply comes down to how you see the world today.

Alcohol, drugs and other social distractions simply serve as blinders to prevent you from seeing the world as it really is for you now. When you’re wearing blinders all you can see is darkness.

The top-dollar spa retreats may not have worked for you. But then again you probably weren’t ready for real healing, for real change, and for getting your real power back.

You may have just wanted the attention, the pampering because you could afford it.

Today, maybe you’re finally ready to take your power back. All of it. All the power you deserve.

To get the full retreat details, and to see if a private and confidential Iboga retreat would offer the powerful solution you’re looking for, then simply book a private and confidential call with me, your host and guide, Luis, “Makonza” DaSilva.

Because peace, love, joy and clarity of purpose is within you.

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