My First Iboga Retreat – A Story of Healing

Iboga Retreats are facilitated by Luis "Makonza" Da Silva

Read below for more about Makonza, his first Iboga retreat and the healing experience that followed.


I travelled almost a decade long journey of pain and discovery. Iboga connected me with my soul, and gave me the the answers I needed, to show me the path. A path I never expected to take. It was a path to assist in the healing of others, and it was as clear as the brightest of all suns in the universe.

I am in service to you. I can offer you a catalytic experience. An inner healing through an Iboga ceremony. I do not know your journey. No one does. I am simply your guide to help you find your purpose in this life.

I have discovered that darkness and pain within one's own self is impossible to communicate to others. Understanding that alone, was the first great step for me, towards my healing.

It swept away the anger and the frustration I felt with people. I felt it towards my friends, my family and against counsellors, therapists and doctors, for either not being able to understand my pain, brushing it aside, or simply not being able to fix it.

The moment I accepted that it was my own pain, and that their journey with their own souls, cannot be my saviour, I felt the first rush of inner peace. At that moment, I knew that I needed to look within, for lasting peace.

I began to see the actions of the people around me as though I was watching a movie. Actors living their own lives, and experiencing their own journeys. I was not in their movie any more than they were in mine.

The next step was to unlock the peace, and live with joy, confidence and clarity - forever. That was my mission. That's what I needed to do. But how?

I struggled to find the key to unlock the incredible power that I knew was within me. The power I knew was within everyone. The power that I know is within you.

I opened my mind to the universe. To what God had to offer. Africa, the Bwiti and an Iboga Ceremony was not what I could ever have dreamed was a possibility. I knew nothing, but was open in mind, body and soul to receive the healing I longed for.

You do not have to travel to Africa to experience an Iboga Ceremony. If you are guided by your soul to do so, you will, like I did, but that is something you will discover yourself. It may or may not be your path.

My mission is to help guide you through your own darkness. To help you unlock your soul and to achieve the freedom, the peace, the clarity and the joy to move ahead in life, on your own terms in complete sync with what you're meant to do.


Days of Darkness

This is the number of days I endured darkness, pain and the despair of powerlessness.

Days of Light

This is the number of days I have lived with joy, clarity, confidence and purpose.

My Journey

Pain and Darkness

A sudden, violent trauma began the deepening of an existing and long standing darkness. A darkness that was rooted in childhood experiences which no one should endure. I did.

I grew up, I buried the pain deep, and I endured. My family a always pretended nothing was amiss. I married and had children. On the surface... it was all fine. But it never was.

My story is not unique. But the sudden trauma of a home invasion finally busted up and shattered the facade. It was the catalyst to an 8 year journey - a struggle - to find my footing and bring back an inner peace, that part of me thought was gone forever. But I NEVER gave up. Something deep within kept me searching.


I sought help from friends. They could not understand. My family was in denial. Therapists and doctors understood my pain, but all they could to is fill my life with meaningless and futile counsel, and with prescriptions to mask the pain.

I accidentally discovered what the Bwiti have known for a thousand years. I found myself where I never thought I would be, to find my healing. In Africa... Immersed in ceremony, and with Iboga, I met my soul.

To say I was healed is not enough. I was saved from the darkness and saw a new life ahead of me, with the clarity I never even dared to dream was possible.


Healing for me was magical. It was freedom, without a dependency on the outside world, or anything outside of me. Freedom without dependency on medications, counselling or therapy. It was freedom from the noise in my head. Freedom from the stories and movies that were in constant review, in my mind. It was freedom the darkness that was tugging at my heels.

When light and peace finally replaced the torrential storm, I knew I was free. I was free within.

I regained the power of life, love, joy, inner peace, and knew what I needed to do and what my destiny was. To help to heal others. It's my mission, and one that I never expected. It's a mission that fills my soul and it's right for me.

My mission now is to help you along this path so you can connect with your soul and clear what needs to be cleared, and to set yourself along the path you need to take with inner peace, inner love and inner joy.

Because peace, love, joy and clarity of purpose is within you.

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