Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iboga?

Iboga Tabernanthe is a plant-like shrub

whose source is central Africa. It's been used by the Bwiti of Gabon, since the beginning of time. It's use is to help guide and release people from their emotional pain, traumas and suffering.

Iboga connects you to your soul, according to the Bwiti tradition. The Iboga plant is considered to be a “spirit” essence, and is consumed as a root bark. Many report they've met their soul, or their higher power and have been relieved of their emotional burdens. The Iboga Tabernanthe plant facilitates personal transformation.

  • Legal in Canada & Other Countries
  • Facilitates Personal Transformation
  • Not Addictive as with Other Plant Medicines

Can anyone experience an

Iboga ceremony?

As much as we’d like to say “yes”, this is not the case. People who would like to participate follow a process of entry. They have to complete a questionnaire and then an interview over Skype, Facetime or Zoom to find out if they're a good prospect for the iboga healing experience. Medications and physical condition, the use of street drugs and other factors, could reflect on the successful outcome.

Take the first step and contact us to communicate. We'd like to talk with you about your situation as it stands today, and come up with a plan. We'd like to help you experience your first Iboga healing experience and ceremony. It all starts with a call. (link)

  • Not For Everyone's Healing Needs
  • Our Retreats Are Not For Drug/Alcohol Rehab
  • Everything is Explained Before Booking

Will an Iboga Ceremony

heal my life permanently?

The truth of your life will be revealed to you, when you experience an Iboga Ceremony. Your soul gives you everything you need to move forward in your own life's transformation.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to kill your past traumas, pain and memories - but you'll be guided to see it for what it really is - and release it. You must have the intent to heal... to release the pain, grief, trauma, depression of your past - whatever it is that haunts your sleep.

  • You Must Intend to Heal Yourself
  • Iboga is a Catalyst for Change
  • Be Prepared for a Better Life

Iboga vs Ayahuasca

What's the difference?

Iboga, Ayahuasca and Cannabis are all plant medicines, provided by our Creator. These are all from different geographical areas and were given to us as healing medicines. The source of our Iboga Tabernanthe is Gabon, Africa. Ayahuasca comes from South America. Iboga is considered to be a balanced energy, containing a male and a female spirit essence. Iboga Tabernanthe is considered, by the Bwiti, to be the “Godfather" of all plant medicine. Iboga offers participants, real personal transformation, without the need for “more”.

  • Iboga Originates in Gabon, Africa
  • Iboga is Balanced Male and Female Energy
  • Iboga is the Godfather of Plant Medicine

How Many People

Experience an Iboga Retreat at One Time?

Our Iboga retreat ceremonies are conducted with as few as 3 and as many as eight guests. We provide lots of one to one support and counselling because we have two facilitators (male/female) per retreat. We've had some awesome retreat experiences with our guests because our groups are small and intimate. We can offer on-going support and nurturing, in a safe, healthy and natural setting.

Paired with healthy meals, locally sourced, a comfortable and quiet setting, you're bound to experience life altering results.

  • Small Groups Offer a Better Experience
  • Initiated Male and Female Facilitators
  • Intimate Group in a Natural Setting

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