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What Happens in an Iboga Retreat & Ceremony? Insights & Thoughts

Makonza is Luis' Bwiti name and he loves talking about what happens before during and after an iboga ceremony and retreat. He gets personal, he gets down and dirty, he calls us out on our BS and shares his insights about his own iboga experience - before and after.

Facing Your Truth in an Iboga Ceremony

[Partial Transcript]. We've touched base back in the past talking about the truth, intent and action, mind, body, and soul. We've had those conversations, but I wanted to get back to truth. And what does it mean? What is our truth? What are we going to say? "Oh, I live my truth." Well, when you're sick you don't. Generally we're lying to ourselves. So we're generally as sick as our secrets. We bury things we don't want to face reality.

So what does it mean to live your truth? I'm first and foremost is to be real within your reality, so facing it, not stuffing it in a bottle, let's face it, head on. So we've got to deal with things. So how do we deal with things and what happens when we don't deal with things? Well, when we don't deal with things our mind, we'll take over because you've allowed your mind to get in there and getting controlled so it will push you down.

Depression Anxiety PTSD: Detox from Prescriptions

[Partial Transcript] We have to rebalance ourselves. So by doing a Iboga healing experience, first of all, after dealing with the PTSD and the medication with prescription drugs. Yeah, let's talk about prescription drugs within your depression and your, ptsd. For myself, I was on probably around $1,500 worth of medications, every month. I needed pills to go to bed, to wake up to, just to function, to have sex. I needed pills for everything. It's the way I lived.

There's no emotion, there's no emotion left in you. You're not living at all, you're "functioning". And you know, pharmaceutical companies probably say "well, at least they're functioning and they're out there". But you're not. You're not present in your own life. So you're not "real" in your own reality. You're a drugged version of yourself within your life - and is brutal.

Iboga Ceremony Balances Mind Body & Soul

[Partial Transcript] We've all heard the term mind, body, and soul. What does it mean? Which is more important? Is it mind, body, or your soul? Well, the most important is your soul. And uh, we've been all been taught to, you know, stimulate the mind, nurture the body, but who talks about your soul? Nobody. So what we need to do is change things up here. What Iboga does is puts everything back into balance. When we are sick, our minds are in control, our minds takeover and we are not connected with our souls.

So all those negative thoughts, racing thoughts, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, addiction... the mind has taken over.

Fireside Chat Before & After My Iboga Healing

Prior to having my experience, I was diagnosed with PTSD, major depression. I lived on about $1,500 worth of pharmaceutical drugs per month. I used a lot of street drugs. And that actually came to a halt at the end. Nothing was helping... at all. I was a poor existence. Basically I was, I was just living. And it gets to the point where either I was gonna I was gonna live or I was gonna die and I was making the choice up quickly.

I did not want to live anymore. The only reason that stopped me from taking action was my children and I couldn't do it, but on the other hand, I couldn't continue living the way I was living that wasn't good for them either. I had to make a decision. So I had met a man at a barbecue and was Moughenda and he told me he can fix me up in a week. And like most people you'd probably say, "yeah right, sure buddy"...

Meet Your Soul At an Iboga Retreat

[Partial Transcript] In our last conversations, we've been talking about soul and the one question I get asked all the time is, what is my soul gonna think of me? I'm scared. I don't want my soul to meet me or I don't want to meet my soul. What is my soul going to say? Well, the thing is your soul is been with you the whole time anyway.

So when I hear that question, I start to laugh because I think it's funny because if you think you're hiding something from your soul, you're sadly mistaken. You may have not been doing the right things or acted a certain way or you know, been a d*ck or been a b*tch. But the reality is your soul's been with you the whole time. So what do you have to fear then? So if your soul has been with you and you've acted a certain way and you have had issues.. So what can we do?

I don't understand what the problem is about meeting your soul. Because your soul knows everything. So you need to stop that fear process. The fear of your soul,

Iboga Trip: Get the Most From Your Iboga Retreat Experience

[Partial Transcript] Just wanted to have the opportunity to talk to you about the recipe for a good Iboga healing experience. Well, there's three things, truth, intent, and action. Well, which one's more important? They're all important.

First, it starts with your truth. Why are you coming to an Iboga healing experience? Secondly, what is the issue? And having truth is admitting that first of all, there's a problem and there's a reason. We've all heard the term "acknowledging the problem is half of the solution". And I agree with that. You have to know what your issue is before you come to an experience.

My truth was that I had ptsd and major depression. Is it hard to admit? Yeah. Is it hard to live with? Most definitely. But I knew I had an issue, so I made the choice because of my truth to have an Iboga healing experience.

Iboga Retreat: Getting Back to Ourselves & Nature

[Partial Transcript] Another thing that is actually a side kick to all of this ceremony and spiritual healing and all that. One of the greatest gifts I got from doing an Iboga healing experience was my allergies. I grew up with like serious, serious, bad allergies. My eyes would puff up. I couldn't see and I couldn't be out in nature. So one of the greatest gifts that this has given me is the ability to be out in nature. I love this. I absolutely love this. I get excited because I couldn't do this before.

So the first thing when I came back from doing my first retreat, was I bought a sleep pad. I put it in the back of my car, I had a Honda CRV at the time. And I came out in nature and I just relaxed. I fell asleep outside and I loved it. So now where do I want to be all the time? I want to be out here. I love it out here. This is beautiful.

We have trees, we have water. This is a beautiful spot. You got you to be able to appreciate that. It's not about quantity. It's about quality, it's about experience.

Iboga Healing Ceremony and the Mind

[Partial Transcript] I wanted to talk about the mind, the mind is the most dangerous of the three and it is. It manipulates everything and if you allow the mind to have that kind of power, it will manipulate you. It will control you. It is the one that supplies all those negative thoughts, all that negative energy. Anytime you don't have self confidence, that's all coming from the mind. The mind creates it and the mind has the power to employ the body and what it can do that that's where you get sick so you, when you have depression, you don't want to get out of bed, your bones ache and you have so much pain within your body that you don't know what to do. You don't have the answers because you can't keep going in this loop that the mind is created.

You are out of touch with your connection with between mind, body, and soul, which actually should be soul, body, and mind.

Iboga Retreat | My Soul Spoke To Me in My Iboga Experience: Freaky

[Partial Transcript] it's Luis Makonza DaSilva from IbogaHealingExperience.com. I'm here in beautiful Whistler, BC wanting to talk to you today about the power of thought.
We have positive thoughts. We have negative thoughts. We choose which one we listen to and which one is going to affect our lives. It's all about choice... choice in the thought, positive or negative.
I want to share an experience I've had recently, with my Iboga experience in November, 2018. I chose to do an Iboga healing experience, I thought it was for the purpose of a detoxification, but as always, my experience led me further.

After I did the detox part of the ceremony, I started to get my visions. What appeared to me was my soul. My soul was standing there with a piece of paper at its throat, looking at me and saying, "Luis, if you don't stop smoking, this is what's...

More About Iboga Retreats and Ceremonies

Iboga is a transformational plant medicine that leads us to a healing experience. We overcome issues that plague our minds. Because it's the mind that controls the body, what it craves and what it wants to do. The mind is what enslaves the body. Whether it's depression, PTSD, a trauma, even eating disorders, and the desire to relapse into an addiction, the mind has has control over the body. So it all comes back to the mind.

In many cases, therapy and prescribed drugs serve to mask the darkness and make it manageable. But they are band-aids, and serve to either psychologically or chemically manipulate the mind. These methods do not help release toxins, nor do they take advantage of the mind's own natural and powerful desire to heal.

True healing however always comes from within, and for real healing to take place, external forces are needed to re-balance the mind and the body. Therapy and prescriptions usually don't work well because their purpose is to help manage the symptoms - not eliminate them.

The Bwiti people have had the answer for hundreds of years. The external forces used to re-balance the mind and the body to release the toxins and help our own minds do the healing use a combination of ceremony (which replaces therapy) and the Iboga root (which open you up to see the truth).

This combination lets the mind do what it most desires. To re-balance itself, to re-balance the body, and to attain what the mind most naturally desires. A state of well being, contentment and the regaining of the power within each one of us.

This is not mysticism, it's not ritualistic, it's not religious. We may not know 100% why the process of ceremony with Iboga works. But neither do the therapists or the drug companies know why - and when - something, anything - works.

What we do know is that the Bwiti Peoples, and thousands of others around the world have benefited from an Iboga experience. It has endured the harshest test. The test of time.

If you're at a point in your life where there is still either a lingering - or even an unshakeable - darkness holding you back, or impairing your life, then an Iboga experience may be your last stop on the train of darkness before light.

You are the most important being there is, and restoring your being to a wonderful natural state of power, peace and serenity in life should be your top priority.

But not just for you. But for all the people - the souls - you connect with every day. For those who know you and love you. For those who may not have even met you yet and will want to know you and love you.

You are a gift to humanity and your body is the expression of your soul.

Restore your power of being-ness through an Iboga retreat experience, and not just live a free life, but give life to others, for we are not souls destined to be alone.

Gift yourself with releasing your true potential through an Iboga retreat. Because really... nothing else matters more.

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