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October 20, 2018
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Why Some Benefit & Others Not So Much

The Secret Recipe to a Successful Iboga Healing Experience

As we've travelled through the path of self discovery, in the Bwiti tradition, we've wondered "why do some people get tremendous benefit from an Iboga healing experience and others just fall back into the same old trap?" They all go through the same ceremony, done the exact same way, and yet the outcome may be worlds apart.

We're learned that the answer is simply "Intention", "Truth" and "Action".

When someone makes the decision to have an Iboga healing experience, they need to ask themselves the question "Why am I doing this? Is it truly for my healing? Or am I doing this for my husband/wife/children/parents/work etc?".

The best answer to these questions must be that we're doing this for the betterment of our own life. Not because someone thinks we should.

Committment is Paramount

Courage is Required

In our teaching, we learn that we must commit 110%. It's only by fully committing ourselves to the healing, we'll get the best results. Even if we don’t know what's going to happen.

And there's the rub.

Because the mind has a hard time letting go of control, not knowing what will happen during, before and after, can be the biggest issue. The mind wants to keep us safe, that's why it wants to be in control.

However, there needs to be an element of trust involved. We we need to quiet the ramblings of the logical, analytical mind, and simply allow and trust in the healing experience which has been practised for centuries.

The Mind Wants to Keep Us Safe

It Wants Control Over the Process

One of the ways the mind thinks it's keeping you safe, is by knowing all the details. Then it wants to control the outcome. It wants to negotiate it's way through the experience.

It wants to hold onto the past because the past offers benchmarks, points of measure, by which it can compare with the current experience, what should and shouldn't happen.

We all have the "parental voice" inside our mind, that criticizes us. It's often the source of our negative thoughts, condemning the "child" within. Our negative "self-talk", our negative thoughts, and our past experiences are the problem.

The mind holds onto these and uses them as tools to keep us down. So what do we do? We follow the "Recipe for Success"

Observations of Past Participants

Participants having the intention to heal themselves, who also have the courage and strength to see and acknowledge their truth - have the recipe for success.

Nobody knows what any one experience will hold, because we're all different and we've had different experiences. However, having the ability to fully engage in the process, and the willingness to make life altering decisions moving forward, will go a long way toward determining a successful outcome.

The intention to heal, and having an open mind going into the experience, is key. Being authentic with others, vulnerable and truthful with ourselves, are crucial factors to our success. We must face our "personal" truth.

The experience provides us with the confidence required to implement changes in our lives. We must take action. Getting better, healing and being able to function within our world, can't be achieved with a magic pill. There is no silver bullet. Healing takes courage. Most importantly, no one can heal us, but ourselves.

It All Starts with a Bwiti Ceremony

Our Own Souls Reveal the Truth & Guide Us

An Iboga healing retreat starts with a Bwiti ceremony. Within that ceremony, our own souls reveal our personal truth and guide us to examine it. Our soul helps us understand the role we play - often unwittingly - within that truth.

There is no judgement, everything just is what it is. But we do need to acknowledge that we create everything that happens to us, in our lives. We need to take responsibility.

What we've created for ourselves is shown to us.

Once the ceremony and retreat is concluded, we return to our own lives. Our actions from there on, will determine our outcome.

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