Three Iboga Retreat Options

Iboga Retreats in the Canadian Laurentians

45 Minutes North of Montreal

From 3 Day Power Retreats, to 6 Days of Full-Immersion to Private & Personal One-On-One Iboga Retreats

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Whether you're looking for an iboga retreat for deep spiritual cleansing and personal realignment, are looking to unleash suppressed powers to take your life to the heights it deserves - or are battling the past, with its traumas and pain - meeting your soul at an Iboga Retreat Ceremony may exactly be what you’re searching for. After all, Iboga is known as “the last plant medicine.” It’s non-addictive, yet deeply transformative.

Get Past the Pain

Stop suffering at the hands of the past.

Why do we continue to torture ourselves? We make ourselves suffer and nobody can know the pain and anxiety we feel inside.

Learn how to let it go. Be at peace. Be at one. Be in the moment. Be a human "being" not a human "doing". "Being" is good.

Your soul knows this and is waiting for you. You ARE loved. That's why you're here. Right. Now.

Life on the Other Side

Your new life is waiting for you.

You know there's something you've been missing. You can feel it. You can taste it. You can find it. It's already inside you.
If happy moments are a thing of the past, if now there's nothing but darkness... If something is grabbing at your heals... It's time to throw it off.

A Happier Existance

Is only days away. Isn't it time?

Is it finally time to learn the mysteries that have escaped you... Time to face the noise in your head and welcome the beautiful sound of silence. Is it time to meet your soul?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life...
So maybe it's time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

If you're ready to experience an Iboga Healing Retreat, then you're ready to heal your life. From the inside out.

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